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 Material Management


Silicon Integration offers the most advanced Material Management solutions available to both our turn-key and consignment customers. We support JIT, Pull System, and Kanban.

Our proprietary MRP based Material Management system allows products to be built from any mixture of turn-key, consignment, and generic Silicon Integration Stock sources, giving our customers the flexibility required to compete in today's market.

Turn-key Production - Utilizing our Shared MRP system that links us directly to several top distributors, we take material management efficiency to a new level. 

Turn-key Prototypes - By combining procurement efficiency, inventory management, and our ability to locate 'hard to find' components, we deliver Turn-Key prototypes quickly while controlling costs. 

Consignment Production - We can drive the gross material requirements by customer Purchase Orders and Forecasts, pulling the necessary items from our inventory when they are needed for a job. Customers no longer have to supply individual kits, reducing cycle time and cost. Numerous reports are available to provide our customers with complete transparency and instantaneous visibility.

Consigned Prototype - Our inventory management solutions can substantially reduce cost by eliminating double purchases, and the wasted time and material associated with kitting.

System features include:

  • Instantaneous visibility of material status and requirements

  • Highly automated quotation process

  • Barcode labeling

  • Full Traceability

  • Support of forecasts, min/max, pre-defined stocking, or build-to-order



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